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Push Money App Scam Review

Push Money App Scam Review

Good Day everyone,

Today we review the Push Money App,

To find out if it is a scam or not.

I Think it is very important to know at this point they want you to deposit as much money as possible,

Suggesting you deposit $10k to get a $10k Bonus,

push money app review

This rings alarm bells to me immediately and it stinks of desperation.

It is very important to know you do not need to invest large quantities of money into any system, but the fact that this one is trying so hard to get people to part with large sums of money really does worry me.

And I seriously recommend that nobody uses this app, and it could be very harmful to your bank balance.

So please be careful, you have been warned!

It is also quite funny watching the video, the actors in it try to come across normal and casual, but the script and acting is so poor it unravels so quickly.

but despite that everything looks legit, the way they try to sell the product really does want you to try it.

And if I wasn’t so sure that this was a scam i would maybe be willing to try it myself.

But I wont be out of fear of losing large amount’s of money.

Which lets face it is not good for anyone, and my main job here is to make sure people are making the right decisions and not trusting in these elite scammers with their shiny websites and products designed to lure you in.

push money app


So make sure you are all being very careful with your investment money,

And please make sure you check back here on a regular basis to find out about the newest scams and the best software and strategies to use.

Things like Social Tech Trader,

Or Trade Fusion,

That are working extremely well at the moment.

I also offer live trading webinars to people that want to learn how to effectively trade with these software’s and make some good cash.

It is all about education and knowing the right way to do things,

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So stay tuned for the dates of those.

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Again the Push money app is one you really need to avoid.

If I haven’t hammered that point home enough.

But I would like to hear from anyone who has tried the push money app and perhaps they have done well from it,

Or people that have tried it and lost.

Let me know.

Show me proof of your winnings or losses, and I will publish them.


Thank you very much for reading,

And remember I have webinar this Thursday.

For live trading.


Thanks again.



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