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Push Money App Scam Review

Push Money App Scam Review

Welcome everybody to Trusted Binary Options.

Today I am doing a review of the Push Money App, To find out if it is a scam or if it is a legit program to use for binary options trading. From what I have been told thus far it seems to be a good one to keep an eye on.

After signing up for the program I was greated with some very nice clean sign up pages,

I hate websites that are full of fake reviews and testomonials from people promising the earth and delivering nothing,

So it is a refreshing change to see a website as clean and as chrisp as Push Money App.

The sign up process was very nice, it was simple as well as quick.

So a very painless process there.


I was also given Option Rally as a broker, and I must admit I quite like Option Rally as They have served me well in the past.

I wont talk about the videos on the website on the website, as I will be discussing that in my youtube review, but essentially I found them quite entertaining but even though they were hyped up.

Its not the videos nor the actors I am interested in,

The proof is always in the pudding and that is the testing of the software.

So after depositing I was presented with the software its self.


And thank the lord I was presented with an original looking peice of software that looks very clean and tidy.

It asks me to select the ammounts I wish to trade and away I go.

Once again there are certain things I wont write here because I would like to go over them in my review video.

so whilst the results seem pretty good to begin with I would like to wait to reveal those in my video review.

Which you will be able to check out on my youtube channel Trusted Binary Options.



The over all experience of this website, the sign up process from start to finnish was very pleasent.

And very easy to use.

So anyone new to binary options isnt immediately going to be bombarded with too much information which might put them off trading binary options entirely.

Which is not a good thing at all.

If someone new came to this website then I would think they would like to sign up to this one as it is so inviting.

which isnt somthing we see too much in binary options now adays.

But With that said it is useful for new traders to get the right information on trading on how to trade.

And basic things need to be explained.

Thats where I come in.

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If you need a little help and support getting started in the world of binary options,

Then you need only contact me at

I will then tell you how to join one of my weekly webinars.

Where I will teach you how to trade like a pro.


So stay safe everyone and make sure you are getting the right results and the right information by checking out my blog as much as you can.


Thanks everyone,

And catch ya laters.




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