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QBits Mega Profit System Scam Review

QBits Mega Profit System Scam Review

Hello everyone,

Here is another review of a website claiming to be able to provide you with unlimited wealth and lots of it!

but is it legit, is it going to do what it says it does on the tin? Well that’s what we need to find out.

First lets start with the website. Its very blue! But it also suggests it uses some sort of Quantum computing algorithm that will boost your initial deposit above the skies and beyond.

So it uses big words and futuristic technology theory to get your attention and makes it sound like its the next best app in the world of binary options.

Qbits App

But lets separate science fact from science fiction shall we.

Let us start with the term Quantum Technology, It does not yet exist, Computer engineers and scientists alike have been trying to develop Quantum computing technology for years, What is it? Well basically your computer works using 1s and 0s acting as true or false integers, on or off etc,

But lets suggest for a second here to make the computer faster we could make one of the 1’s appear in another location at exactly the same time, two places at once, Which is basically time travel, One item being in two different places at once,

That is Quantum computing in the most basic possible way I can explain it,

Might sound impossible, the truth is science does actually think its possible but it currently isn’t with the technology we have.

So what does that have to do with Binary Options, Absolutely nothing,

QBits Review

It is just a way of using terminology in technology to fry your brain, and make something sound futuristic and special,

But its completely false and totally fiction,

They also suggest that their members have made nearly a million dollars in a month using this amazing system.

Which again is highly unlikely,

With binary options it is possible to achieve thousands of dollars a week but that takes serious dedication and work to get to that level.

And there exists no software that can make you that rich that quickly.

But there is software available to help you get to the level of a professional binary options trader alot quicker, and with slightly less work.

Qbits Scam review

And those softwares are Social Tech Trader and Trend Xpert,

Trend Xpert is a great piece of software that gives you a multitude of options from different brokers and strategies to utilise to help you win more trades, the company behind the software also have a dedicated team to help you learn and develop your skills also.

Social Tech Trader is also a great software to use, and combines social media with a feed of live NFP information to help you make informed trades along the way.

Which ever software you chose you will have a better chance at making good money in binary options, than if you used this rubbish software, be very aware of scams and lies with alot of binary options websites and software that around.

Trend Xpert

Social Tech Trader


But check back here in future to keep yourselves informed with the latest scams and tricks out there.

thanks for reading.



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