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Rapid Income Method Scam Review

Rapid Income Method Scam Review


Hello everyone, I am going to review the Rapid Income Method Website and app, To see if it is an app to add to our ever growing list of Scams, or to our very limited list of great Apps.

First things first, the website! Very plain and dark, not really alot going on, We have the copies left thing at the top left hand corner, we all know that’s just to add urgency to the feel of the site to get you to panic buy. It says at the top of the page, Make a Guaranteed $5,607,23 Daily profits with this PROVEN System.

The video below that shows a paid actor we have seen multiple times in these websites, and sometimes they turn out to be legit, sometimes not, the actor is simply asked to read a script and that’s what he does, so this is quite a bit of a grey area, and we cant judge it on being a scam just because of one actor, but if he does say he is someone specific to the company just remember he isn’t, he is just an actor paid to make the video look good.

Underneath that its simply just a part to put in your name and email address and away you go!

Woops, when we put in our details we get another page telling us its not active!

Not a good start at all, we will come back and reinvestigate this one later.


I am not sure what the software is, if it is original or if its a dud software, so until I can get into it there isn’t much I can say ont he subject, but my thoughts are its most likely a scam.

But not to worry we still have ICE 9 to update dont we!

ICE 9 has been performing extremely well the last week, and it has netted me a very nice £8,000 so far.

I had some people questioning the amount I had made over a week, and the answer to them is it is very easy to make that sort of money if you know what your doing and you are trading at the right times, its just a case of getting multiple good trades in a row and you rinse and repeat that method.

So not very difficult indeed!

If you wanted to try ICE 9 you can do so here..


But if you are looking for something a little more comprehensive, and something you can gain training and experience with then definately check out trend xpert,

Which you can find here.


For anything else you have NEO2, or even Social Tech trader, all fully tried and tested by yours truly, and they are solid and very good apps to use for trading.

So you can check those out here!

Thank you very much for reading my blog and continuing to support my mission to out these god awful scams and to show you the right way to trade in binary options.

if you have any questions or you would like to receive email updates then please contact


Thanks again, Trade Safe!




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