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Regal Wealth Scam Review

Regal Wealth Scam Review

Is Regal Wealth a Scam or Legit?

First things first, lets take a look at the website and see if that has any clues as to whether this software is just another piece of crap or if it actually has any real substance as a decent binary options trader software.

The website has an air of familiarity to it, like it’s something we have seen before, Although it looks original, the layout and some of the themes used look like it might be a recycled website. What I mean by that is sometimes when a scam has run for a while the creator of said scam will shut down the scam once they have reached a certain amount of money and then recycle the website to use a new scam. so it is possible that is what is going on here, but lets give it the benefit of the doubt for now and continue to take a look, The video at the top of the page which we will continue to review in my video review later, above that it says Claim one of 50 free member spots and start making $605 per hour! Underneath that there is a signup box, below that there is a box that says live results, which doesn’t seem to be moving and is most likely just a picture.


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In the background to that there is an animated background showing ticker rates for currencies and the like, which can look good when used correctly, but in this instance is just not appealing to the eye at all.

It says it is hassle free and user friendly and that there will be just 50 new members today etc. But there really is no reason as to why there would only be 50 new members, they just say that to make a way of saying this software is exclusive, but it really isn’t.

And it also says the system is completely automated, so we can safely say it is an auto trader.

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What is the software like?

Lets sign up and take a look, the sign up process like many others is where you put in an email address an your name and it will take you to a second landing page where they try to sell to you some more.

It also has a count down timer in the bottom saying 8 minutes remaining,  which is just adding more urgency for you to sign up, they ask for your full name, choose a password and your phone number at this point, with another video to try and sell more to you again!

So what about the actual software?

It looks like a completely repainted version of Virtnext and similar software, I really dont think that I will try this app simply because they claim it is something its not, and really its just another version of an already released app, so I think its safe to probably say that this is indeed a scam!

So I would not recommend you try Regal Wealth, but I would recommend that if you are wanting to get into the world of binary options trading that you try something that has been tried and tested, and works extremely well


Option Robot :-

What should I use instead?

I am a great believer in using something that has stood up to the test of time, and look at real results from others rather than just taking the software creators words for it, which is why I would recommend Option Robot first of all, Option Robot is a very robust and easy to use auto trader that just keeps providing amazing results at every turn, it doesn’t win 100% of trades, there is no software in the universe that can deliver such results, however there is a high turn around on your investment, of a success rate of about 85%, and you really cannot grumble at rates like that, You have full control of the software and the sort of risk you have with it, and also how the software trades for you, it is very complex and a great piece of kit for your trading arsenal.

There are other apps that I recommend also, ICE 9 Technology is another app I have been testing alot recently, and that is also providing awesome results, Trend Xpert is my daily software, I have used that religiously for a couple of years now and its the app that just keeps on giving, in fact you can even synchronise your auto traders such as Option Robot and ICE 9 Technology with Trend Xpert now to give you a far greater chance of success, which is stunning!


The links for all of these amazing apps are right here.

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Thank you very much for reading my blog, and I wish you all the very best of success with trading, and if you want any help or pointers then please dont hesitate to contact me at or leave a comment on this blog,

Thanks again.





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