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Safe Zone Scam Review

Hello everyone,

Today we will take a look at the safe zone strategy.

First impressions of the website and it looks clean, no silly ads or popups, So far so good.

So lets check out the video.

The video starts off well and starts talking about the kind of money that can be made which is not an impossible amount, and also suggests a 73% win rate,

which again is reasonable.

However as we go through the video we see more stock images of people with lots of money, the flash cars, the mansion etc.

And then it goes on to say that what the software actually does is looks for when a trend is at its peak, it will then place a trade to go the opposite way from that peak.

this is where I instantly lose heart in the Safety zone strategy.


This is where I feel it is a Scam, simply because it is preying on armature traders.

Trading on peaks and only peaks is a bad way to trade in my opinion.

it may work a few times but essentially you will lose over a period of time, and I think this is not the way anyone should trade.

whilst you should always look for multiple options when starting off in the world of binary options.

If someone was to come across this website first then they would end up signing up thinking they are getting a good deal and then ultimately lose their money and wonder what happen.

this is the sort of stuff that gives binary options a bad name.

Always do your homework and watch out for scams like this.

there are multiple factors and variables that you need to consider when it comes to trading in binary options, Sure, looking at the averages during the day and then trading based on that trend is a good start.

but then placing trades simply because you noticed a peak is not the way to go ahead.

You must take into account the time of day, or week, the news, world affairs.

Much much more than just the peaks.

So please be careful when trading and once again watch out for systems like this.


If you have used safety zone and you feel my assessment is way off.

then please let me know you experiences and if you are ITM!

Safe Zone Scam Review


Trade safe everyone.


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