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Spectre System Scam Review

Spectre System Scam Review


What can be said about this rubbish other than avoid avoid avoid.

The website is a load of rubbish. the usual round of fake reviews and paid actors.
I feel like I am just repeating myself over and over.
But still you get the picture.

For anyone wanting to try out the Spectre system.
you will lose money.
It will waste your time.
The video is a giggle though, feel free to check that out.

I sadly did not get a chance to actually take a look at the video simply because I couldn’t get any further than the screen that tells me to put in my details.

Every time I did it just kept saying please fill out the form to continue.

So I filled out the form again and again and nothing.

Same response each time.

So not really a lot I can do about that so I had no choice but to leave it there.

However I am very interested to know if anyone has gotten into the software, does it look any good,

Or is it the complete crap I expect it to be.



I also want to point out that if you watch the video you will notice the testimonials from people that claim to have gone from rags to riches.

I did some sleuthing around, and I have found that most of the actors in the video are all paid actors from

I have included the proof of this in the video,

But feel free to verify this yourself.

So yet more lies to try and draw you in to buy their horrendous product.

So once again I will tell you now.

Do not put your money into this product. it is useless.

it is rubbish and will not work.

you will just lose out.



Trade safe.





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