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Stark Trading System Scam Review

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STARK Trading System Scam Review

Hello everyone,

I am going to do another review today of the STARK Trading system that was emailed to me today.

First impression of the website aren’t much to shout home about.

Stark Trading System


So lets take a look at that first of all.

The name of the company and logo reminds of that movie with the guy in the suit of iron 😉

that’s probably the point, using logos and names that will stand out in peoples minds. quite clever really.

it has logos on the page also to give the impression that it is endorsed by major media outlets.

But it probably isn’t so be careful of sites claiming to be endorsed by these mega corporations.

But I dont have the time to go through them all and verify if they are real or not, so I will settle for saying they aren’t right now.

it does say on the page by signing up you will make a guaranteed amount of $8k per day..

that’s quite the guarantee if it is real.

but I highly doubt it to be honest with you.

So another alarm bell rings!

I will do a review of the video in my YouTube review so check that out later.

But I am curious to see the software.

So lets see what we can do.

stark system scam


So after signing up I am greeted with a virtnext / dow jones style software UI,

And my assigned broker is Royal Swiss Banc..

Hmm I am not so sure..

but sod it I think I will deposit with this one and see what happens.

My gut is telling me to avoid this one, but I cant constantly dismiss all of them, its not impartial is it.

So I think I will see where this one takes me.

You never know I might be pleasantly surprised!

But with that said, I hope you are all ready for this weeks trading,

stark review scam

We have a basic training session tomorrow evening at 7pm uk time which is where we will discuss how to use the software effectively and learn the basics of binary options trading,

And then on Wednesday we will move on to the more intermediate stuff, and on Thursday at the same time we will do a live trading session putting into practice what we have learned.

So make sure you have signed up with one of the softwares I have promoted such as these below.

Once you have signed up for one of the approved softwares above then send me an email (

And with your name, email used to sign up and the broker you have chosen/or were assigned.

Once you have done that I will email you with the relevant information so that you can join the webinars.

Which by the way are free to join for life every single week after you have signed up and funded to the above software.


I will personally guide you into the minefield of binary options trading.

And I will see you get out the other side with limbs intact!!

Enjoy guys,

And trade safe.


Catch ya laters.



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