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The Drexel Code Scam Review

The Drexel Code Scam Review

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Hello everyone, Today I am reviewing The Drexel Code, to find out if it is another Scam, or if its another useful bit of kit for our trading armoury!

First impressions of the website, and it looks alot like one I have already recently reviewed, and I am not that impressed, the website has an annoying pop up on it that appears every time you try to navigate away from the page, as well as the usual stuff that comes with a scam website, the fake logos etc, we dont have the fake reviews on this one which makes a nice change.

There is however a video at the top of the page which is set in the frame of an Ipad, to make it look….erm.. im not sure actually what they are going for with that, maybe just to make it look familiar?


anyway the video is really long winded, the apparent CEO of this apparent company is driving a top end Mercedes and the Drexel logo is plastered everywhere,

But its pretty obvious that the whole thing is put on for the camera, the acting is down right awful, and they are trying way too hard to make out that they are just doing their normal routine and that their company is some huge hard hitter in the industry etc.

Which they are not, lets face it, if they were a massive company making millions apon millions then everyone would have heard about them, and the only reason we have heard about them is either because you are reading this review and its the first time you have heard of The Drexel Code, or perhaps someone elses review, or a spam email etc.

My point is, nobody has heard of this so called Drexel company, and that’s mainly because they do not exist!

That’s right, it is all fake, the video, the office, the CEO.. all fake.


They have spent alot of money hiring a car, and an office to try and sell you something that wont work.

And guess what, when you sign in and see the software for the first time, its just another clone of virtnext and all the others that used the same UI.

So this multi million mega corp is doing so well they cant even make their own UI for a software they apparently created.

I call bullshit!

So suffice to say, this software is a scam, the website is a scam, the whole thing with The Drexel Code is a complete scam and a lie.

And you need to avoid it like the plague.

You have been warned!


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Thanks for reading, and make sure you come back for more reviews.!



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