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The Money Glitch Scam Review

The Money Glitch Scam Review


Hello all, I am going to do my review for this afternoon on the Money Glitch, The Money glitch app website uses a geo location tool to work out where you are from, in my case it is tagging me as being in the UK, which is correct, A few other bloggers from around the world that have reviewed this app have also noticed it shows their respective location, and I think the video is also different depending on the location of the individual also, which is quite smart, but obviously when they are trying to tell people that it is specifically for their respective country when it is not, is just plane lying, and that is the first clue that this is indeed a scam,

Money Glitch App

The next clue is the Verified online banners on the side of the webpage, I am pretty sure we have seen those in the last couple of months already on a very similar looking website, but my memory fails me as to which website, but either way I think this is actually a recycled website,

Also there is another very interesting aspect to this app also, when you sign up to use the software, you will be then sent to the software page to deposit etc, but if you come out of that and sign up again using a different email address, there is a very good chance you will be presented with a completely different type of software, meaning they are not actually selling an app to help you trade at all, it is just a marketing ploy to get you to sign up and deposit your cold hard cash into a system that is not going to work!

money glitch crap

There are alot of reasons to avoid this website and the crappy software they are trying to sell you, the video is god awful also. it also says in the disclaimer further down the page that everything you see on the website is infact for entertainment purposes and should be taken with a pinch of salt also, so I would be very careful not to sign up and use this software you will be left with a sour taste in your mouth as well as an empty wallet.


What I would do however is check out the software that I have taken days to review in full and test to absolute limits to make sure they are all doing what they are supposed to be doing,

And these Apps are linked below.

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Thanks to everyone who continues to support me and read my blogs, I hope people are helped by my exposure of these awful scams, and continue to have much success with the apps I do promote,

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Thanks again,



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