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Trend Xpert Scam Review

Trend Xpert Scam Review


Good afternoon everyone.

I am going to be doing a review of Trend Xpert Finally.

Trend Xpert has got to be quite literally the Golden Egg of Binary Options Trading Software.

We have battled through the signal bots and trend indicators that hurt our brains with useless information on how you can make serious money and go from rags to riches with their get rich quick schemes.

The problem is the market is so saturated with all of these different softwares it is hard to know which ones are legit and which ones are outright scams.

So that’s why I do what I do, and debunk the crap and promote the good stuff.

Trend Xpert is not like the other software out there though, it really isn’t.

from the creators of Option Bot 2.0 this software is truly the Powerhouse trading software of them all.

Ok ok. I hear you say, yes we get it, your a Trend Xpert Fanboy.. So whats the deal.

Why is this software so special above all others?

Trend Xpert Software

Well this is where I get to have some fun and tell you all about the good stuff.

Lets talk Trends shall we.

The Market is always moving always going up and down and alot of the time appears completely unpredictable.

Trend Expert Includes a chart to show you realtime information..

Yeah big deal, others do that too..

Ok so what about signals.

You will get real time live signals coming through to the software telling you their prediction on whether a pair will go up or down.

Yeah what ever.. loads of software does that.

Ok do the other softwares allow you to use pretty much every single regulated broker out there without pre signing you up against your will?


Does it provide daily updates on the market conditions based on real information and written and filmed by a real person every single day sometimes more than once a day?


Do they provide signals and analysis via SMS Message..


Do they provide real time news updates for world news and financial activity?


Do they have a dedicated team on the phones (during office hours for central Europe) Monday to Friday?

Some might, but I challenge you to actually get a hold of anyone on other softwares.

Trend Xpert even puts their phone number on the front page.

Who else does that!??

Trend Xpert Scam Review

They also have a live support function with someone there all the time also.

To top that off. they also do Webinars for people wanting to learn and trade more, and they even ask for testimonials from people that have actually been on the webinars.

This software gives so much and takes so little.

Its brilliant in my honest opinion.

Compared to many other systems out there this one trumps them all.

They do recommend in order to use the software to its absolute maximum potential that you register and fund 5 brokers at least to use their “Spreading Method”

The spreading method was first introduced with Optionbot 2.0 and was very successful in how it works.

It is a way of trading that allows you to take advantage of differences in market fluctuations and also gives you a wider veriety of choices when placing trades with different brokers.

because some of them offer different expiry times compared to other brokers and various other things.

The list goes on!

trend xpert app

So would I recommend Trend Xpert..

That is a resounding yes.

I have used it since its conception, I used OptionBot2.0 and I will continue to use Trend Xpert until they release a newer better software.


So if you want to get a head start in binary options trading, and you want to trade like me.

And use the best tools available.

Then use Trend Xpert.

Thank you.


Catch ya laters.





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