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Triana Soft Scam Review

Triana Soft Scam Review

Hello everyone,

Going to do a quick review of the Triana Soft Scam that’s floating about, I got this in a spam email, and I thought id warn you all about it.

Its a very convincing scam, with plenty of actors in the video making out they all work for this major firm creating trading software.

Triana Soft App

It does look very good, the actors on the other hand are quite bad, and they do not do them selves any favours with their bad acting, but non the less if people diddnt realise they were actors they may actually sound genuine to alot of people.

and they may end up falling for their tricks and scams, So that is why I do what I do, this is why I write my blog, and this is why I warn people of these potential scams and crooks that are out there trying to steal your money.

And Triana Soft is no exception.

I was starting to think to myself watching the video, maybe these guys are legitimate, maybe they have created this software, and they are just trying to get it out there and let people know about it.

Triana Soft Review

So I carried on watching the video for a while and listened to their so called genius tech guru talking about how he has had sleepless nights creating this software and how it made a trader out of him etc.

But I caught something out the side of my eye whilst he was talking, and that was his computer monitor.

It showed the software he was talking about.

And It was sure enough, a Virtnext Copycat.

Wow, I was getting suckered in to this, and I was considering trying it for you all. you never know it could have been a good piece of software to add to our kit.

But alas it wasn’t to be, and I wont be trying it.

So sorry folks, this one is being classified in my book as being a scam.

Triana Soft Scam

But all is not lost folks, we have some impressive results to share with you very shortly,

We have 10 Day Social Profits performing very well.

We have Social Tech Trader performing very well also.

And Option Robot and my favourite Trend Xpert,

You can try all of these using the following links..


10 Day Social Profits is a new addition to the family, and is very fun to use, but also very serious and profitable at the same time,

It is starting to slowly creep up as being my next best favourite software to use.

Trend Xpert however is still my favourite, and the most robust and consistent software out there today.

i highly recommend using the spreading method along with it.

So stay tuned for more information on that soon.

If you have any other software you want me to check out, then let me know.

I will do my best to take a look.


Also there is a new software for me to test out, and so far it looks good.


Stay tuned for that!

Make sure you all trade safe, and keep up to date with the latest scams and subscribe to my blog.


Thanks for reading.



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