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UnderDog Millionaire Scam Review

UnderDog Millionaire Scam Review

Hello everyone, Today I will be reviewing the UnderDog Millionaire website and software to see how it can rank in our list of Scams and great binary options tools!

First things first the website isnt really much to look at its very plain and boring, and I dont think much to the colour scheme if I am honest,

I will do a full review of the video when I do my video review.

But its most likely crap like the rest of them,

I am going to take a slight leap of faith on this one,

I was going to try Neo2 properly and test that, but other review sites tried Neo2 and floated right over Underdog, perhaps because of the name,

Perhaps because of the look of the software.

But If am right, then the software and website are well name to be the “Underdog”


So for sure I am interested, and I think this sofware is well worth trying.

So first of all the sign up process is nice and simple, and there isnt multiple landing pages, just one, put in your details and then you get a page telling you one of their selected brokers will contact you to setup.

They provide a free signals within the software and it is very basic, no fancy buttons or auto trade function, just basic signals.

So it is not a very spectacular software to look at in all fairness.

And with it being so basic, with no real substance then it may end up losing me some money.

So because of my uncertanty with this software I dont think I will be trying this out.

But one software that does stand out from the rest is one that I am in the process of testing currently, and that is NEO2.

NEO2 is a revolutionary software that uses computer generated models to predict shifts in the weather and see how this will change the economy.

If you want more information check out this link.

Neo2 :-


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