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Virtual Income Scam Review

Virtual Income Scam Review

Hello everyone,

I am going to do a quick review of the Virtual Income website, and see if it is worth trying or if it is just another scam to part you with your hard earned cash.

The top of the page says secret to $10,812 per Day Guaranteed! Which is highly unlikely as we have seen many of these websites promising over the top sums of money in really short amount’s of time, So forgive me if I seem a little cynical of these websites now, But perhaps you would be too if you seen the same satirical excrement on the internet day after day.


Below the tagline that promises to give us nearly $11k in one day, is the video that will make your brain start to shut down organs and make a last ditch attempt at keeping blood flowing to vital areas to maintain a level of life before you finally drift off into a coma and die of sheer and utter boredom.

But the short version is, hi my name is “insert false name here” and I would like to show you how we made this “insert buzz word here” software that will change your life in just a few “insert basic steps to life changing success here”


Yes, same shit different day.

Anyway, you put in your details on the website, and repeated close the pop up that keeps trying to stop you leaving the website, so that you dont run to the bank manager and tell them exactly where it touched you.

And then your led to another page that will tell you have fabulous you are, and then proceeds to get on its knees and performs cunnilingus on you, whilst lifting your wallet out of your pocket whilst you aren’t paying attention.

And then you are led to the final page, the climax of the journey if you will, and instead of an earth shattering joygasm you are met instead with disappointment and tears…Oddly like alot of my past dates, that’s another story.


So long story short, I would not recommend this website or the crap its peddling out to unsuspecting beginner traders.

However, not all software out there will bend you over the desk and leave you sitting in the shower crying,

Some out there will actually look after you and make you feel wanted,

Like These…

Try 10 Day Social Profits Now! :-
Try Option Robot Here :-
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Best Current Software :-


If you like the idea of trying the software listed above, I would recommend you do, I have spent thousands of my personal money to try different software to see if it works for all of you, but sadly not all of them do, and I lose alot.

But thankfully I can keep my bank roll going using one or more of these apps.

You should try it too.

Thank you all very much for checking out my blog.

Please stay tuned for more scam reviews and other product reviews to come!

Trade safe, and Catch ya laters.



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