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XTP App Review Scam

XTP App Review Scam

Hello everyone,
Today I will be doing a review of the XTP App,
First impressions of the website are good, the website is clean, and no silly logo’s trying to make it look legit.
The video is the usual promotional dribble.
But other than that like I said the website is clean and tidy.



So what about the software.
The software looks like a lot of other apps out there which isn’t so great on first look.
But it is clear and well designed with all the features you would expect from a trend indicator and signal provider.

But the real thing we want to know, is the software worth using?
Are the signals accurate?
If I place my trades will I make a return?
And most of all will I be in the money for the majority over time.
Or will this be another one hit wonder from the world of binary options trading?

In the video it states that you should not be forced to deposit with just one broker of their choosing and they have a list of brokers etc.

As soon as I sign up I am pretty much forced to deposit with one broker with no option to change that broker.
Not only this I am very sceptical of the software as it looks very similar to other software out there at the moment.

So I will not be trading with XTP App, Simply because they do exactly what they tell you not to do.

If you have traded with XTP app and you are in the money, Fantastic!
But it seems a little scammy for me and I won’t be trying it.

However I would be very happy to hear of others results.
Let me know in the comments below.



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