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Your Legacy Club Scam Review

Your Legacy Club Scam Review

Hello everyone,

Now I am going to review the Your Legacy Club Website.

So we can take a look at that and find out if its a scam or not.

First impressions of the website and I had to chuckle a little bit at the fact they have used Mr Maggoo on the logo sitting in an armchair with a creepy smile on his face.

Apparently not Mr Maggoo but a Millionaire willing to share his secrets with the world, going by the name O’Doherty.

It says turn your $250 into $10,000 Guaranteed!

I yeh, most likely into their pockets!

The video I will review in my video review… I think i got that right…



But for now we will concentrate on the website.

There are more pictures of Mr Magg…errr O’Doherty.

Standing in a big mansion, and standing in front of a Rolls Royce Phantom.

And sitting cosy by the fire in his arm chair made out of Rupert Bear.

The list goes on and on about how he will help you make money, and how big a guru he is to the industry yada yada yada.

I am very sceptical of anyone that says hey give me all your money and trust me I will help you become rich beyond your wildest dreams!

Most if not all of the time it is all a lie, and will only leave you in one place.

The gutter.

So be very careful when you are signing up and depositing with these softwares.

Check out my channel to make sure that what you are signing up for is either a scam or if it is a legit.




The site has colour schemes of deep red and golds, and just yell money all over the place.

They make promises and Guarantees all over the place.

it is very well constructed to pull people in that’s for sure.

Then at the bottom of the page they put so much emphasis on signing up immediately,

And not to delay,

So there is a limited amount of people to get in only.

There are logos for Forbes and CNN, Sky News, Bloomberg and BBC News.

I doubt very much if any of these have endorsed this crap.

It is highly unlikely anyway.


One thing I find interesting is the use of some banners they have used on the website.

They look very familiar as if I have seen them on other scams sites in the past.

I bet the actual app is copied off of another system also but I wont be signing up to find out.


But never mind, I could sit here and pull this apart all day, but alas there is work to be done!

Want to come and make some money with me today?

Well you can.

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And make sure you all trade safe.


Catch ya later!







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