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Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review

Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review

Bank Tracker Bot is another Scam that’s popped up to try and part you with your hard earned money, and hopefully this blog will get enough views to let people know why its one that should be avoided.

The website is absolutely awful for a start, but essentially the whole thing is wrapped around the idea that they have a bank trading algorithm that can predict good trades and whatnot.

I dont buy into that idea for one second, bank traders will be highly skilled and heavily qualified analysts and the very idea that a simply robot, which by the way is a virtnext rip-off, can do a job better than they can is simply insulting!

The video is absolutely awful also, but I will go into that when I do my video review of course.



bank tracker scam

Dont be dazzled by their professional scamming skills, I assure you this software is not legitimate and will not make you any money at all, and you should avoid it at all costs,

But let us break down the website a little for the sake of the review.

There are some pictures of overly photogenic people and they are claiming to be making amazing money with this system, yada….

it also claims to have a 98.7% accuracy, which to be perfectly honest with you is pretty much impossible, I have found the limit on average to be no higher than 80% with any binary options bot, or at least the ones that are worth any time or effort, all of the rest tend to just be shells of applications that make nothing but your money disappear!

There is also a crapload of logo’s from multiple companies that would appear like they endorse this app, which is obviously not true, I think if these companies knew their logos were being used on these websites someone would be getting so sued!

it also suggests it is the best software of 2016.. voted by who?

I am pretty sure I would know about it if that was the case, what a load of tosh.



Wow I have been seriously cynical with this review haven’t I?

That’s probably because this website and its app are so damn awful it just made me a little annoyed, but not to worry, I know I can still make money with these apps instead.

My favourite is Option Robot Current, now allowing Tropical trade by the way!

Option Robot :-
Best Current Trend Indicator :-
Social Tech Trader :-


Go ahead try one of them, Still not sure, check around this blog for the results, you wont be disappointed, I have tried and tested every single one of these apps myself, and they all continue to deliver results extremely well.

all I ask is that when you are rich and famous you drop me a post card, these apps are definately the best of 2016, not the crap from the top of this review.

Thanks very much for reading as per usual trade safe,

Take Care,




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