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Is the new wall street focus group app a scam?


Welcome to Trusted Binary, Where we will attempt to help new and existing binary options traders make the right call with their investment. As many of you are aware Binary Options Trading is a complete minefield of scams. hence why myself and a lot of others have setup pages just like this to try and help people avoid such scams.

So in this particular review we are going to take a look at a website and indeed an app called Wall street focus group to see if it’s a scam or not.

The website

Upon entering the site, its simple and clean, it has no pop ups and it’s not trying to create a sense of urgency like so many scam software’s. straight away they are not making ridiculous claims on what you can earn. They claim you can make $381 to $796 per day which is very realistic number. For once there are no claims to make you a millionaire which is rather far so good. Now let’s move on to the video.

The video

This is where we usually find out whether a software is a my surprise the video looks simple and professional. I really like how its filmed in wall street and not in a studio, this adds a lot of credibility. They also stress how you won’t become a millionaire overnight and the win rate is very acceptable. The video is presented by a guy called David Lombardini. who is the head project manager for the wall street focus group. David goes on to explain how his focus group will be using the cobra 5 software that has been developed over the last 10 years by some of wall street’s top financial analysts. They are looking for people to try out the software for 90 days so that they can get some feedback before the product goes to market. This sounds very realistic and isn’t anything out of the norm. it’s basically beta overall the wall street focus group video looks honest and transparent.


Is the wall street focus group a scam? From what I’ve seen so far I would say is so very different from scam software’s usual shite.the video tells you exactly what the software does without using flash cars, big houses and private jets. Its filmed in wall street and they are not making outrageous claims like the scam software’s do.

84%-win rate is very believable and so are the figures, I like how at no point do they push you in to signing up.if anything they stress that they do not want any payment details. There are no irritating pop ups or flashing banners and for a change We don’t see any bad, cheesy actors.

i like what I see and it looks very professional.

If you agree you can check the wall street focus group out here:

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